Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On strike

Last weekend was filled with shopping. I didn't do much of it, I was mostly along for the ride. We tried to shop in the cheap underground mall on Saturday but encountered only problems. Apparently foreigners aren't allowed to try on clothes in any stores.

So we decided to go to Seoul on Sunday, just for the day. It was a good time. I got to meet up with my friend again, and even found a Halloween costume.

Today has been my relaxing day, since we did go on strike. From what I've been told, the private schools are all striking against a government proposal that changes the hours that hagwons (private schools) can stay open - from midnight to ten p.m. I guess I mostly agree with the government on this one, because it already seems like the kids are in school long enough each day, but as I am only a visitor in the country and have no idea about politics here, I'm just going to be happy with my day off.

However, the DMZ trip is definitely off for now, since I have to make up today's classes on Saturday. Only a couple of hours and eight kids, and we're the only school I know of that's having a make-up day, and it's doubtful that all of the kids will come anyway. Needless to say, we're not very happy about this. Oh well. We'll just reschedule for another time I guess, even though it won't be as fun (we were planning on going with a really fun, big group of people).

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