Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sokcho/Seoraksan and a general update

It's been a while since updating, so here's what's been going on :

- Halloween was very cute, but exhausting. No one got 'Waldo' besides the foreigners.

- The first weekend of November we went to the city of Sokcho, on the eastern coast of our province. It's a small fishing town on the East Sea/Sea of Japan. It was very nice, though there were a couple interesting moments when we were trying to figure out where we were staying for the night. On the second day we were there we went to Seoraksan park, which was very, very pretty. We took the cable car to the top of one of the peaks, and it would have been perfect if it hadn't been sprinkling. I took a ton of pictures, and will upload them soon.

- Last weekend (and last night) were going away parties for one of the guys that we know. It's hard to believe that people are going to start leaving, and new people are coming soon. This is just the first of a potential many....

- In a couple of days I will have been here three months.

- We're planning a possible weekend trip over New Years to Taiwan, since we have that Friday off of work. I'm very excited about this.

- Beside that, it's been mostly work as usual. This coming week is our final full week of the fall semester of classes. Then all of the schedules will change, and it will be interesting to see what new kids/levels I'll get to teach.

Here's a quick sample of my Sokcho/Seoraksan trip :

Playing on the rocks, looking at the pagoda

At the famous Buddha statue in Seoraksan

My favorite shot of the mountains at Seoraksan, with a bird flying by, right after the rain stopped

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