Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hong Kong, part 1

Last week I took my first solo vacation to Hong Kong and Macau. I had a really good time, despite the shockingly high temperatures and the 95% humidity.

In short, I would describe Hong Kong as "a lot" - a lot of people and of things to do and see, and at times a bit overwhelming. The city is extremely busy and efficient, which is great sometimes (public transportation), but it can make human interaction a little difficult.

Upon arriving, I went to the harbor to take a tour on the Star Ferry. Between the mainland and the main island, Hong Kong has a pretty amazing skyline.

My second day, I took a fast ferry out to Lantau Island. Lantau is the largest of the Hong Kong islands, and is home to the world's largest, seated, outdoor bronze Buddha statue. It really was huge, and it was quite the hike up to the top. The worst part was that by about halfway up, you lose the tree coverage, so after this I had a bit of a sunburn (the views were worth it, though).

After seeing seeing the Buddha, I went to a small fishing village called Tai-O. Tai-O is most well known because the village is built up on sticks because of frequent flooding. It's also one of the last spots where Chinese white (pink) dolphins can still be found. I went on a boat tour, and even though there were no sightings on the scary little ride out (there was a point when I realized that if the boat went down, no one would have any idea where I was), it was a lot of fun.

These posts are going to have quite a few pictures, so I'll get the next part up soon.


  1. Yay pictures!! I love when you do photo posts. As a random aside, my mom was asking and I'm wondering too, have you picked up a lot of Korean since you've been over there? Just curious...

  2. Photo posts are fun, because then I don't have to try to explain things. :)

    I've picked up a shockingly small amount of Korean. I can say basics, get myself around the city, order a few food items, and that's about it. It's a shame, but I've been terrified about losing the languages I have. Also, it was set from the start that I don't plan on renewing my contract, so it's not a long-term thing. (Excuses, excuses...)