Thursday, June 3, 2010

While the election music has finally stopped, things only seem to have gotten more hectic around here. We had the last week of classes for the spring term, and I had to "say goodbye" to some of my favorite students. I have fewer LangCon classes (with the younger kids) and more Avalon classes this term. Here are some of the classes I no longer get to enjoy :

I still have all of these kids, but Danny (the boy in the middle) is so cute in pictures

This is Hunguk - he likes to make faces

I'm probably the most sad about not having this class any more - they're great speakers and so much fun

These girls are adorable - they're trying to make a heart, and they wrestled poor Edan into the middle of it against his will

The lowest class, who could be a handful, but very cute

Dave and Ally (I still get to teach them)

Last weekend was the end of the (in)famous International Mime Festival. We went out on Friday night to see what it was about, and frankly, it was just kind of weird. There weren't really any mimes in the traditional sense - more like contemporary performing arts. Or something like that. It really was a hodge-podge of people and presentations.

The closest thing to mimes at the festival, but these guys talked and greeted everyone at the entrance.

Walking up the stairs you're surrounded by strange, floating things

My first concert in Korea

A traditional Korean ceremony

Some interesting people were in attendance

And in happy news, there is progress on two of my upcoming trips. I now have a date set to Jeju Island, which is supposed to be beautiful. I also have a more concrete idea of what I'm going to do for the China trip, and have even started on parts of the post-Korea travel plans. Even though I've yet to feel stress-free again, at least I'm starting to figure some things out!

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