Thursday, March 4, 2010

Halfway done!

The weekend in Seoul was a nice getaway. We spent Saturday at the Coex mall and aquarium. On Sunday we went up to the N'Seoul Tower, even though it was a bit cloudy.
(Locks people leave symbolizing enduring love)

The five lights that indicated the state of the city (safe/under attack)

We also tried to visit the old east and west gates to the city. The west gate (Namdaemun) was supposed to be the nice one, but it was burned down by a fire a while ago and has yet to be rebuilt. Dongdaemun (the east gate) is a bit smaller, but still intact.

We also walked around down by the Cheonggye Stream, which was nice (though it would be nicer if it were green).

This week is the first week of the spring term. New classes and lots of stress, and on top that I've got a cold. Luckily tomorrow is Friday and I just have to make it through and I have the weekend to recuperate.

All I know is that I'm more than halfway through my contract! It's all downhill from here!

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