Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I haven't written much lately, since nothing has really been happening.

Last weekend I finally got my first haircut since I've been here. It's nice to have short(ish) hair again. I found the one salon in Chuncheon with an English-speaking owner. It was nice to have someone who understood what I wanted, and who was able to chat.

It was amazing how inexpensive it is here. Even though I still have just under five months left, it's starting to hit home how little time that is. And it's starting to sink in exactly how good of a gig it is to be here. For example, the whole haircut thing was only 10,000 won (less than $10) for everything. The incredibly cheap water bills (less than $5 a month).

Not too bad.

Nothing else is really exciting here. I'm working extra this week as one of the teachers is taking his vacation. '

I'm just trying to get through the week, and then Dad is going to arrive on Thursday, April 8 so I'll go to Seoul to meet him. I'm tentatively planning that weekend to get us to the DMZ (North Korean border), and to a baseball game (Seoul has a team called the LG Twins, so we'll see a "Twins" game in Korea).

Just have to make it to the weekend and I'll be home free...

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