Tuesday, April 6, 2010

After complaining so long about having nothing to do, I finally got what I wished for.

Last week was extra busy - with a co-teacher on vacation I had extra classes. In addition, I've had a terrible sinus/infection thing that just won't go away. Then on Wednesday I took a massive, flailing fall while teaching a class. I ended up spraining my ankle (and putting on a big show for the kids). I've focused a lot on getting better, and the recovery has actually been quite fast.

It's good that it's been a fast recovery, because there are only two more days until Dad gets here! We've got a lot planned for the short time - we're going to a baseball game (the "Twins"), the DMZ, and then we'll come to Chuncheon for a couple of days. I'm really excited, and not just because I'm taking a vacation day on Friday.

I have also finally nailed down my first solo vacation. From May 1-5 I'm going to go to Hong Kong (with a day trip to Macau). It will be an experience, going alone, but it should be fun.

It is also finally getting warm here - 50-60s during the day. I'll be able to send my winter jacket home with Dad with no problem!

I hope everyone had a happy Easter!

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  1. The vacay sounds like fun--I heard Macau is kind of like the Las Vegas of southern China, so I wonder what stories you'll get from there!