Monday, July 2, 2012


From Lithuania I took the overnight bus to Warsaw (always a favorite thing to do - I would actually rather spend an entire day on buses and go straight to the hostel to sleep). Arriving in Warsaw at six in the morning after a Euro game was an interesting experience. Still drunk revelers, police everywhere. I tried to find an open restaurant to wait until my next transportation transfer, but nothing was open so I went ahead to the other bus station, found a McDonald's there and wasted a few hours eating breakfast and using the free wi-fi.

I was only in Wroclaw (vrots-waff) for a few days, but it was probably my favorite city of the trip. It's a lovely, small city, easy to get around, beautiful architecture, cheap, and filled with small statues of gnomes. I also found a restaurant with amazing bean/mushroom enchiladas that I returned to a few times. Wroclaw had been the site of some of the round-robin Euro matches, so the main square had been set up for watching the games, so I took advantage of the proximity to the hostel and watched a few of the games there.

Strange art - headless bird-men hovering over nests in the trees.

Old town/cathedrals.

Euro Fanzone at night.

One (of many) small gnome statues.

Main square with a little creative photography (cutting out all of the soccer stuff).

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